COGELSA-GRO, determined to help secure the basic supply chain

September, 24, 2020

During these times that are so challenging for society, from COGELSA-GRO we want to contribute our grain of sand to assure that the supply chain of basic and first necessity products is not broken.

For this, the measures we are putting in place are:

  • To prioritize the production of key products for basic sectors: health, pharmaceuticals, food, logistics and transport.
  • To increase the stock of  products for these sectors.
  • To make the delivery of these products more dynamic.

For this, we continue to work by applying all possible measures as a contingency plan for the spread of COVID-19:

  • Providing workers with protective, hygienic equipment.
  • Creating shifts for workers in small groups
  • Physical relocating of work teams and implementing teleworking
  • Reducing/cancelling visits and meetings.

We will dedicate all our efforts to meet requirements, with the maximum efficiency that the situation allows.

We are part of this society and as such we are committed to it.